26 Nov

Visit me at the Vera Project + Hollow Earth Radio DIY Holiday Fair!


Visit the OPP booth at the Vera Project + Hollow Earth Radio DIY Holiday Fair on Saturday, December 3rd from 11 am – 4 pm at the Vera Project. This event is free and open to all. Get the details!


11 Nov

Teaching- Lots of Classes!


Seattle Art Museum, Atlas Obscura, & Wing Luke

In addition to the long-format sewing and storyboard workshop that I taught at the Bitterlake Community center in October, I’m also teaching at the Seattle Art Museum’s Family Festival on November 12th, in my studio in collaboration with Atlas Obscura on November 19th (event has sold out as of 11/10!!), and at the Wing Luke Museum on December 10th!

See you there,


12 Oct

Other Peoples Polyester @ Amazon + Urban Craft Uprising Fall Market


Zip Pouches! New Colors and Styles! 60+ Vendors!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016, 11 am-6 pm
At The Meeting Center: 2031 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
This event is free and open to the public.

Click here to register to attend this FREE event. 

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*Post-show UPDATE* I killed it! Made twice as much as expected. Thanks for supporting my small business!

See you there!


15 Sep

Other Peoples Polyester Trunk Show


I wonder what we were talking about? Photo by Shawn Nichols @ shawnnichols.com

Live Music!  Prizes!  Bar & Beverages.  30+ Vendors.

Saturday, September 24
Happy Hour Trunk Show ~ 3 – 5pm  •  Book Release Party ~ 5 – 7pm
At Sunset Hill Clubhouse:  3003 NW 66th Street, Seattle

Click here to go to the Facebook Event


Click here for complete trunk show info website!

It’s true! I am selling again. I helped a friend a few weeks ago at First Thursday in Pioneer Square. It sparked something in me and I’d like to start selling again. Times have changed, and booth setup is so much more important than when I last sold at Urban Craft Uprising in 2009!


See you there!


28 Jul

Fashion/Sewing Classes at the Northwest School Summer Camp: Day 9 and SHOWCASE


Day 9 was all about finishing their projects on time, which they all did! Any students with extra time were allowed to make a scarf for themselves, or for their cute stuffed animal and also how to make a bowtie for their favorite camp staff.



Day 10 was the art walk and showcase! In retrospect, it may have been better to have the students show at a table at the artwalk, since the showcase was such a cluster. 2 Chinese students pulled the fire alarm, and the school had to be evacuated. The fire department showed up and fined the school $1000 for a false alarm. The students apologized in front of the school, but I don’t think they were too sorry.

Anyhow, the artwalk was cool and inspiring! My favorites were Ray Yang’s comics class (he had a bunch of copies for people to take home and I grabbed them all!), Curtis’s ceramics class (green pizza and french fries??) and the stained glass work.

Showcase was sooo long, which we all sat patiently through. When it was time for my class, I shared with the school what projects we worked on, how it benefitted the students, and how much fun we had. Then my students came out “runway style” and I said a few words about each design. I tried to keep it as short as possible due to time constraints. In retrospect, I would have the students come up and talk about what we did and about their designs.


Afterward, it was happy hour with some of the seasoned summer school staff, then karaoke, and off to see Afro Cop.

I hope to have the opportunity to teach again at the Northwest School Summer Camp program. It was REALLY FUN and from what the seasoned teachers have told me, is the first year that they have hired full-on fashion designers to teach there.




28 Jul

Fashion/Sewing Classes at the Northwest School Summer Camp: Day 7&8


Day 7

Session 1 began with my explanation of what would happen over the next few days, reassuring them to take their time and that they absolutely would not finish their project in one day. I had students practice threading their machines and troubleshooting. After this, they finalized their designs and we began work right away! I showed them how to rip and snip, how to take measurements, and how to draw their pattern directly onto the fabric. Students left with their fabric cut into pattern pieces.


Session 2 began with students completing their stuff sack. I also had them thread their machines so they could be more self-sufficient. I gave them an explanation of refashioning, I drew some pictures and it was fun communicating with the international students about this concept. We looked carefully at each student’s pieces and I had them sketch out their final design. We systematically began opening seams, cutting, and more.

Day 8- Wednesday


Session 1 students continued doing their work, and I opened class again with having them thread their machines. The student with the maxi dress sewed up her first draft and decided to make adjustments, recut the fabric and sewed it up again. My girl with the scarf  completed ripping her fabric and then started sewing it up.


Session 2 students also started class with threading the machine and then getting to work, step-by-step on their designs. I showed them how to sew an elastic waistband and how to use the zig zag stitch.


Until Later,


28 Jul

Fashion/Sewing Classes at the Northwest School Summer Camp: Day 5&6

This is a sloppy blog because I am crunched for time tonight. Sorry!


Day 5 was a Friday. First session students made a headband, and came up with the idea that since we were hungry (and since they sold these at the student store) we would sew our own oreo cookies. I love these girls! At the very end, I had them sketch out some ideas of what they would like to make for their final project. Two students wanted to make a skirt with a waistband, and one wanted to make a multi-color scarf for her mom.

Second session students continued working on their kinchaku stuff sack and then sketched out some ideas for their final project.

In retrospect, I wish I could have shown the students my workspace as a field trip for week one. One field trip is good, although many of their other classes had them going all over Seattle.


Day 6 was a Monday. FIELD TRIP DAY!! We went to the thrift store during both sessions which was a lovely summertime walk through deep cap hill. Each student from each session was given a budget of $10, but I allowed up to $15 if really necessary.


My first group of girls picked out mostly flat fabrics to create new things (the class was learn to sew, not refashioning, so I discouraged them from buying pre-made clothes). Fabrics selected were: Grey jersey bedsheet and floral jersey fabric remnant (to make a ruched-waistband maxi skirt), yellow pillowcases, pink fitted bedsheet and gold polyester bed skirt (to make a scarf), and a dress and skirt to get put together into a new skirt.

My second group of girls in the refashioning class picked the following: black tee, white cotton muti-tiered miniskirt with elastic waistband and light blue pillowcase; oversized denim maxi skirt, denim miniskirt and black pencil skirt; and purple and white multicolored tee and a purple and glitter tunic.




15 Jul

Fashion/Sewing Classes at the Northwest School Summer Camp: Day 3&4


Day 3

First session students frantically made a stuff sack, while the machines were putting up an incredible fight. The machines are driving me nuts! Everyone pretty much finished by class time. I realize that I need to stop class about 5 minutes before the time actually ends for cleanup. Watching that clock is a challenge and for whatever reason, I’m not into using the timer on my phone.

Second session was much calmer as we made pleated headbands and chatted about languages and cooking and kale chips. Each student took head measurements and drafted out a pattern directly onto the fabric with chalk. The machines were acting right! We took it very slow and everyone had a little work to do for next class.

Day 4


Wow, that was today. First session we spent finishing the stuff sack and then making a pleated headband. Students took head measurements and then did the same as session two did above. I got some fabric samples in from NY and GA for a client of mine and I shared fabric sampling knowledge with the gals. This was very exciting to them. I asked them what they wanted to do for their final project. Their input wasn’t surprising- jacket (!), pants, skirt, shirt, scarf. I told them it was secret and that we would discuss it tomorrow. We chatted a lot about families today. The machines behaved.


Second session we spent finishing their headbands and making a medium sized stuff sack. We took our time, I showed them how to make their own pattern, and selected some fabric. I showed them how to add embellishments- applique by hand or machine, how to sew designs with the machine, etc. The machines behaved.

Class flow day 1 is good. Day 2 scrunchy good. Day 3 headband good. Day 4+5 embellished stuff sack.



12 Jul

Fashion/Sewing Classes at the Northwest School Summer Camp: Day 1&2



Very excited to drop some knowledge on some students this summer at the NW School. The NW School is a private middle and high school located in a 111 year-old building in Seattle’s Cap Hill neighborhood. Their student lunches are so delicious, so fresh, so healthy. I show up before my shifts to catch lunch.

Day 1


In a word, it was hectic. I was totally the new kid at school. This place is more structured than I am accustomed to; it was a challenge to keep such careful watch of the clock during class times, and I am still getting used to the layout of the campus. Had a great lunch and talked story with a sweet kid named Eduardo from Florida who was stoked about taking yoga so he could improve his relaxation skills.

In my first class, I had 7 students (class cap was at 8)- 2 from Taiwan, 1 from mainland China, and 4 from the USA. There was a balance of “experienced” sewers and first timers. All had similar abilities in the end. Here is what we covered: classroom etiquette (irons, pins, chalk, rulers, scissors, what everything is used for), how to use the machines, types of fabric (woven/knit, fibers, burning fabric), how to press and sew a basic straight stitch, how to hand-sew a button, and making a patch for their bag. While doing all of these things, I spent a TON of time maintaining the machines. No offense. The school machines really suck and is the only difficult thing about my job. A proper machine is so worth it.

In my second class, I had 3 students who were all new to the sewing game. 1 was from Taiwan, 2 from the USA. The second class was much more laid back and kind of fun. We talked a little more in depth about the stuff from the previous class, plus how to thread the top and bottom of the machine, and how to hem and make a ruffle.

Day 2



We met early for a teacher meeting, where they warned us that a ton of kids may want to switch in/out of our class for various reasons. Maybe their parents forced them, maybe they wanted to be with friends, who knows? I had 3 students from my first session request to transfer, and I’m okay with reducing the size of that class.

In session 1, I still had 7 students (the transfers happen the day after). We made a scrunchy, the easy way, from start to finish. It was pretty fun and a really great way for them to get practice sewing and have something tangible to measure their progress.


In session 2, I had 3 students; we also made a scrunchy the easy way. We also started work on a turban-pleat inspired headband project. The group took turns taking head measurements, selected, and cut out their fabric.

Tomorrow? Group 1 will begin work on their pouches; group two will complete their headbands. Later in the week, group 1 will work on their headbands; group two will do a pouch or tote. Next week Monday, we all go to the thrift store (wish me luck wrangling these people) and then start work on our final project for showcase Friday.

Peace Out,



23 Apr

The OPP Pop Up Shop is April 29-May 4, 2016 @ Sassafras, 2307 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121



Spring/Summer 2016 Hooded Kimono

Stop by and get a free hug AND try on some HOT NEW DESIGNS from Other Peoples Polyester. Live, in-window sewing will be happening. Dozens of cardigans await you!

New Thing Alert:These new HOODED KIMONO are available in bright and exciting vintage and new knit fabrics. They are THE thing for ladies, moms, and even dudes. They have pockets and a hood and add a touch of class to your, yes, your wardrobe.

Not just for Mom’s Day…Everyone deserves a gift right now. So come and get yours!

Handmade at OPP studios at Sassafras.