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Grab'n'Go #2

Grab'n'Go #2

Covered in Color: Custom Masks + Vintage Fabric


I had a little down time and had fun creating this mask for someone special, perhaps you? I hope it brightens your day by improving your public protection style. Xoxo, Malia  

Reusable masks are roomy and offer full coverage for adult faces, female or male alike**. Fully adjustable elastic straps loop around your head and neck. Includes a filter pocket and a channel for your nose wire. Finished mask measures 11.5" across cheek to cheek by 7" from highest point of nose bridge to chin.

Please note: Masks do not come with a filter or a nose wire, just a place for you to insert your favorites and remove them for laundering. Fabrics include cotton and cotton blends and are pre-washed prior to sewing.

In-stock and ships in 48 hours.

As seen in Seattle Met's Quarantine Couture.


** Masks can be worn alone or over an N-95 mask. Please note: I am an artist making protective face coverings; not a science or medical pro. I hope that these masks will help you stay safe in your everyday life (I wear mine all the time) but can't guarantee that these masks provide medical-grade protection against airborne particles when worn alone and not paired with an N-95 mask. 


All sales are final.

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